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Five Element AcupunctureLinda Brunson Houstle M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
Five Element Acupuncture and Reiki

Five Element Acupuncture, also called Traditional Acupuncture, is a formalized system of medicine based on natural laws describing the movement of life energy in nature and the body. Acupuncture originated in China over three thousand years ago. It is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world and is used by one-third of the worlds population as a primary health-care system.  Life energy, called Qi, flows through the body in pathways called meridians. These pathways flow in much the same way streams, rivers  and oceans flow on earth. When the Qi in the body is full and moving properly, health is promoted. When Qi is not flowing smoothly, illness can begin. Everyday stresses like deadlines and disappointments can disrupt the harmonious movement of Qi. These stresses compounded over time can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. Acupuncture treats the underlying imbalances rather than only the symptoms. In addition, treatment now can prevent symptoms later. Acupuncture has become widely accepted in the United States and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The Benefits of Five Element Acupuncture

Acupuncture is effective in treating a surprising range of issues including: headaches, allergies, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, back pain, joint pain, infertility, menstrual disorders, sleeping problems, addictions and stress. Acupuncture is helpful for many severe chronic illnesses and complaints that have no easily determined cause. Many people who have experienced the benefits of acupuncture report that they:

  • are sick less often and recover more quickly
  • have increased vitality and stamina
  • have a greater ability to take care of their own health
  • have richer and more harmonious relationships
  • have observed improvement in areas other than those for which they entered treatment
  • have a reduction in long term health care costs
  • need to see their physicians and physical therapists less frequently and use fewer prescription medications

About Needles and Moxibustion

Acupuncture literally means to puncture with a needle. Acupuncture needles are solid and slender, just slightly thicker than the thickness of a human hair. They bear no resemblance to hypodermic syringes. I use the finest quality stainless steel pre-sterilized disposable needles. During treatment most needles are inserted just beneath the skin’s surface and, although sensations vary from person to person, most patients report little or no discomfort.

The application of needles is often used in combination with moxibustion. Moxibustion is the burning of artemesia vulgaris, commonly known as mugwort, on or over the skin. Flower essences and essential oils may also be used during treatment when appropriate.

About Linda

Linda graduated in 2004 from the TAI/Sophia Institute with a Masters degree in Five Element Acupuncture. She earned her NCCAOM national certification in 2004 and is a NADA certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. In addition, she has done advanced acupuncture studies in treating pain syndromes with Jeffrey Yuen, Auriculotherapy with Terry Oleson, and the use of essential oils in Chinese Medicine with Peter Holmes. She has also done post-graduate studies in diagnosis, needling and moxibustion techniques with Niki Bilton. Her other training includes Chakra Energy Work with Rosalyn Bruyere (and others) and Usui Reiki.

Linda currently practices acupuncture at Dr. Cometa’s Wellness Center in Cockeysville and from her home office in northern Baltimore City.

To schedule an appointment please call: 410.967.9808

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Katherine Devlin, M.A., Lic. Ac.
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Katherine Devlin has over 25 years experience in education and health care, including mental health.  She has worked at prominent psychiatric facilities and in private practice as a mental health counselor and myotherapist.

Her education includes a B.S. in Sociology from Towson State University, a M.S. in Communicative Disorders from Johns Hopkins University, a C.A.S. in counseling Psychology from Loyola College, and a M.A.O.M. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  She is also a graduate of the Potomac Myotherapy School.  Katherine has studied shamanic practices and was trained in Medicine for the Earth, including Energy Medicine, Five Element Plant Spirit Medicine, and Chakra balancing.  She also completed post graduate studies in Japanese acupuncture at Bastyre College in Seattle.

Katherine spent several years working as an acupuncturist at the Common Ground Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon, also serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the center.  For the last 18 years she has worked with individuals with immune disorders, particularly chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and arthritis.  She also works with menopausal  issues, PMS, headache,  acute and chronic pain, candidiasis, stress as well as preventative issues.

Katherine integrates acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition counseling and Chinese herbal remedies in working with individuals to regain or maintain their health.

See www.NotJustNeedles.com for complete details.

To schedule an appointment please call: 410-243-7226

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Craniosacral/Lymph Drainage

Michael Houstle, Licensed Massage Therapist
Focusing on Balance

I specialize in treating these conditions and more:

  • Pain in your back, shoulders, neck, chest, hips, knees or feet
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator cuff issues
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Balance issues
  • Post surgical pain
  • Headaches including migraines
  • Muscle strains, pulls, or tightness
  • Stiffness or difficulty moving
  • Lymphatic congestion issues
  • Chronic or acute issues
  • Your “no one’s been able to help me with this” or the “I don’t know what I did” pain
  • Just feeling out of balance

What to expect during a treatment:

My goal is to give you relief from the pain or other symptoms that brought you in for treat- ment and to help you find greater physical balance and ease. My work is gentle and purpose- fully not painful. I prefer to work with your body and not against it.

Each session will include a visual and hands-on assessment, treatment, and simple sugges- tions for self-care. I will also help you ergonomically, that is, I will show you how to use your body more effectively in your daily life and in your work.

The techniques I use include:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Direct Muscle Release™
  • and many others

These techniques do not require the use of oils or creams. This generally allows me to work through loose fitting clothing. Though the purpose of my work is for its therapeutic effects, you will most likely find it to be very relaxing.

My background:

I have been practicing bodywork since 1996. I taught anatomy and physiology, bodywork, and client assessment at the Baltimore School of Massage for many years and I am currently a member of the faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County in their Massage herapy Program. My curious nature combined with my skill and experience as a bodyworker led me to the development of Direct Muscle Release™, an assessment and treatment process that I teach to other bodyworkers.

To schedule an appointment please call: 410.960.4229

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Jonas Abraham, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Rolfing® by Jonas


"Expanding Your Potential for Effortless Living"

What is Rolfing?

When she developed Rolfing more than 50 years ago, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., first called her work structural integration. The genius of the work rests on Dr. Rolf’s insight that the body is more at ease and functions most effectively when its structure is balanced in gravity. She observed that, over time, the field of gravity actually accentuates the body’s imbalances and diminishes its flexibility. Based on these core observations, she developed her original method of hands-on manipulation – which later became known as Rolfing – to reduce gravity’s adverse effects on the body.

Essentially, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, thus enhancing postural efficiency and your freedom of movement.

Dr. Rolf recognized that the body is inherently a system of seamless networks of tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. These connective tissues, called fascia, actually surround, support and penetrate all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Rolfing works on this web-like complex of connective tissues (fascia) to release, realign and balance the whole body, thus resolving discomfort, reducing compensations and alleviating pain.

“My wife recommended Rolfing highly. The first of ten sessions fixed my back pain.”  - Willie Nelson Singer/Songwriter

Why Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Imagine living in a flexible and balanced body that is free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress. Imagine your body at ease with itself and able to adapt to life’s physical, mental and emotional challenges.  This is what you can expect from Rolfing, the highly respected process of soft tissue manipulation that balances and realigns your body by releasing tension and strain.

If you think your body should feel better and move more easily, then Rolfing may be right for you. Rolfing can resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including those related to the lingering effects of accidents, illnesses, traumas, repetitive motion injuries and aging.  Rolfing optimizes the experience of living in your body, whether for daily activities or high performance sports.

What can I expect?

An initial series of Rolfing usually consists of about 10 sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes and generally spaced 1-2 weeks apart. Under your Rolfer’s skillful eye and touch, each session builds on the results of the previous ones.  As Rolfing progressively reduces structural restrictions, your body becomes aligned and you move with ease.

After completing your basic Rolfing series, periodic tune-up sessions can refresh this feeling of integration and remind your body of its most efficient balance.  Eventually, you may want to complement your initial Rolfing experience with Advanced Rolfing and/or Rolf Movement Integration.

Advanced Rolfing, performed by a Certified Advanced Rolfer, balances deeper layers of your body’s structure and furthers the level of structural integration in your body. Advanced Rolfers have completed additional training to prepare them for working with deeper structural issues.

Practitioners of Rolf Movement Integration (RMI) have additional training in movement studies. Undertaken alone or in conjunction with your Rolfing sessions, RMI improves the efficiency of your movement.  It teaches you about body awareness, refines your individualized movement patterns and boosts your performance.

Who is qualified to be a Rolfer?

Your Rolfer is a graduate of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI), founded by Dr. Ida P Rolf. Since its inception in 1971, RISI has led the field of structural integration, providing training, certification and continuing education for Rolfing students, practitioners and other health professionals.

RISI’s diverse and distinguished faculty includes instructors originally selected and trained by Dr. Rolf to carry on her life’s work. The scope and depth of the Rolfing training and certification process ensure that Certified Rolfers have the knowledge, sensitivity and skills necessary to respond to the needs of each individual client.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, RISI has a growing network of international affiliate training centers, presently operating in Europe, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

To schedule an appointment please call: 410.662.2703

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Eden Energy MedicineGenevieve DiGiovanni

Genevieve DiGiovanni
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner & Instructor

Why Energy Medicine?

“Energy Medicine brings you: Vitality when you are drained, Health when you are ill, and Joy when you are down.”  

Who Can Benefit?  Any woman who suffers from one or more of the following:

Addiction Issues
Feeling Overwhelmed
Feeling Scattered

Loss, Grief and Mourning
Lack of Energy

Lack of Life Purpose
No Passion in Life

My Practice “Your Healing Journey”

· My practice is dedicated to the holistic health & wellness needs of women.

· Our personal energies are delicately balanced and when the flow of our natural energy fields is disturbed or blocked, we experience negative changes in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

· As a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, I work directly with your energy systems to unlock, balance, enhance, and restore your body’s natural energy flow. In addition to Eden Energy Medicine, I have trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Reconnection, Kinesiology, and Reiki.

· By balancing your energies, it balances your body’s chemistry, regulates your hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you focus.

· Energy medicine can be used to overcome many illnesses, and can be used to keep you strong and resilient.

· Our bodies are like a huge bio-computer. Once all of the systems are on line, the body can do what it was designed to do … “Heal Itself.”

· We will work together and I will teach you some simple, useful techniques to activate your body’s natural healing abilities to improve your overall health and state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What Satisfied Clients Say?

“Genevieve brought me her light and love when I couldn’t find my own. She guided me through a difficult time and helped me make peace with past experiences. I believe that without her, the support she offered, and the work we did together, I would not have such a happy heart!

”Genevieve provides a safe place for Healing. I felt comfortable to share my thoughts, health concern and ideas with her and she always embraced me in a non-judgmental, loving way. I feel much lighter, more centered, balanced and blessed that I found her. A true gem on the pathway to wellness!”

To Learn More & Schedule an Appointment:  Visit Genevieve’s engaging website (www.violetladies.com) to learn more about her healing modalities, her philosophy, and her approach to energy medicine and women’s health and wellness. Contact Genevieve by phone (410-322-6771) or by email (energymedicine2@me.com) to schedule an appointment.

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Meditation With Ed Fotheringill

Ed FotheringillEd Fotheringill is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He received his B.S. degree in Philosophy from Towson State College (1973) and his M.L.A. degree in the History of Ideas from the Johns Hopkins University (1978). From 1983 - 1986, he studied meditation and pranayama with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order of the West; from 1986 - 2000, he studied meditation and Hindu Philosophy with Yoga Master Sri Swami Satchidananda. From 1979 - 1992, Ed was a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Towson State University; from 1989 - 2003, he was a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Peace Studies at Goucher College; from 1990 - 2005, he taught meditation, pranayama, and Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy at three yoga centers in Baltimore: Heaven and Hell, Meridian Martial Arts Centre, and Charm City Yoga. He has been an Adjunct Professor at MICA since 2009, teaching courses in Philosophy, Intellectual History, and Literature. Ed is also the author of five philosophical novels and a children's adventure story: Lanterns in the Mist; Darkness Withdrawn OR The Eclipse of Nietzsche's Shadow; Halfmoon Confidential; Anaximander's Annex; Midnight Tango; and A Snowy Night on Old Baldy Mountain.

For more information please contact Ed Fotheringill at 410-321-0579 or email at jazzdrums@comcast.net

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Alicia MandatoAlicia Mandato
Gentle Yoga

As a woman in her Golden Years, Alicia brings mindfulness and focus together with joy, laughter and gentle, loving kindness to her Yoga class. After embracing her own yoga practice, Alicia received her Teaching Certification in 2007. She enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga classes to local corporate Wellness Programs as well as Senior Centers. We are honored to have Alicia join our Healing Arts community of teachers at The Cometa Wellness Center.


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Mark GarnerMark Garner
Yoga For Recovery


“A Still Mind is a Sober Mind”

Mark Garner is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher who earned his 200 hour teaching certificate from Yama Therapeutics. He is an artist, a husband, and the proud (stay at home) father of two beautiful children.  “A Still Mind is a Sober Mind” is an affirmation which holds deep personal meaning for him and one that he would like to share with those in need of healing. As a yoga practitioner he weaves his own recovery into the fabric of his classes. Through a mutual cellular make-up with those in recovery he is excited to be given an opportunity to teach, learn, laugh, and cry with all who come to the mat and are willing to grow.

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Julie Snavely, RN, RYT-200Therapeutic Yoga
Julie Snavely, RN, RYT-200

Julie Snavely, RN, RYT-200 received her nursing degree from Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing She received her yoga teaching certificate with Golden Heart Yoga studio. She is currently pursuing her 500Hr ERYT and yoga therapist certificate with Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute. She has been an instructor with Body Harmony Yoga in their Yoga For Stroke Survivors Programs for four years working with individuals who have diagnosis's of strokes, Parkinsons, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, traumatic  head injury. In addition she teaches Children’s yoga at Saint James Academy. Julie came to yoga after struggling with her own health challenges for many years, She was able to find the natural power of yoga to bring healing and greater balance into her own life.  Her classes focus on helping the yoga students to bring more  physical, mental and emotional balance into their own lives by using therapeutic yoga and breathing techniques.

For more information contact info@bodyharmonyyoga.com or 410-302-7663 or bodyharmonyyoga.com

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Individual and Family Counseling & Therapy

Jennifer Baumgartner, LCSW-C       

Begin Within Therapy
Grow from the inside out

410.241.8757 - beginwithintherapy@gmail.com

We are each shaped by every experience and interaction that we have with our selves, significant others, and our community at large. Within the environment of psychotherapy we can challenge our problematic beliefs and behavior patterns, while experimenting with alternatives, and integrating more productive forms of self-expression.

I believe in a holistic approach designed to enhance self-care, emotional wellness, and healthy interactions with others. I specialize in Addictions work with a focus specifically on techniques of Relapse Prevention. I have experience with various forms of psychotherapy and counseling including:  group, individual, family, and couples work.  I work primarily with adults…of all ages.

Our work together might:

  • Encourage healthy interactions with yourself and others
  • Enhance effective coping strategies and initiate new ones
  • Challenge and correct mistakes beliefs
  • Confront issues of addiction and/or relapse prevention
  • Address issues of anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders

In 2008 I started my private practice, Begin Within Therapy, as an extension of my work with clients motivated to increase their awareness and personal insight regarding negative patterns of behavior, self-definition, core beliefs, significant life experiences and interpersonal relationships.  I utilize an integrative talk therapy approach with its foundation largely in Symbolic Interactionism and Cognitive Behavioral perspectives. 

To schedule an appointment please call: 410.241.8757

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Anita BainsAnita Bains, MS,APRN,BC and Licensed Psychotherapist
A New Way to Personal & Professional Success

410-302-5446 or 410-760-8792

Anita has practiced and taught for more than 20 years. In addition to her education as a nurse and psychotherapist she has extensive training in mind-body-spirit techniques. She successfully integrates these practices in her work with individuals and groups. She provides workshops to a wide variety of professionals and community groups, and has taught at local colleges and universities including Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Anita is an Emotional Freedom Techniques™ (EFT) expert and trainer certified by EFT Universe and teaches EFT certification courses. She incorporates this highly effective technique in her practice and is a volunteer researcher with The Soul Medicine Institute that provides free EFT sessions to veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Her popular "Secrets of Successful High Earners" workshop is designed to help women create a power relationship with money. Participants learn the five secrets, identify their personal limiting beliefs and use EFT to create a new relationship with money.

In March 2005 she presented “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. best-selling author of The  Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. He stated “I  personally observed Anita presenting, “The Power of Belief” and she is a highly trained professional who skillfully presents innovative and effective mind-body techniques that remove thinking and emotional blocks to well being. Her commitment to excellence and caring is demonstrated by her knowledge and breadth of experience with results oriented approaches. She shares this practical knowledge by teaching others easy to learn and innovative techniques that assist them to achieve a life that works for them.”

Anita will help you identify and release your psychological blocks so that you are free to reach your goals, whether related to health, including weight and addiction issues, relationships, money, or work concerns. You will experience benefit even after the first session. Her passion is to assist you to experience high level wellness so you may live your best life possible both personally and professionally. Many people report surprise and a renewed sense of hope for the relief they feel after using these new techniques.

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Anita at 410-302-5446 or 410-760-8792.

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Shannon Wilson-Murray, LGSW Licensed PsychotherapistShannon Wilson-Murray, LGSW Licensed Psychotherapist
Renew Addiction Family Therapy

Recover. Rebuild. Renew. Addictions of all kinds impact the people who are directly struggling with them and they impact the people who live with and love the addicted person as well. Whether we have the addiction, are in relationship with someone in addiction or were the child of someone who was addicted we often need support in rebuilding our lives from the negative effects.

Dealing with the effects of addiction are too much for many of us to handle on our own. If we ourselves struggled with or have lived with someone at any time in our lives who has been in active addiction, we have been impacted. Often feelings of shame, guilt, trust issues, anger, depression and anxiety have a way of negatively blocking us from living our full potential -sometimes even after clean and sober living has been established. There are ways to heal from the effects this has had on our lives. The concept of Recovery is about accepting that we need help and that we begin getting stronger the moment we ask for it.

“Renew Addiction Family Therapy” responds by supporting the individual who is dealing with recovering from addiction, providing therapy for the loved ones who are either currently dealing with a family member’s active addiction or have been impacted by being in relationship with someone in active addiction in the past or by providing couples counseling to the partners whose relationship has been impacted by addiction.

Whether you are just starting to see that the effects of addiction are blocking your ability to have a full and free life or you’ve been on the road of Recovery for some time and wish to take your process to a deeper level of exploration towards being happy, joyous and free, it always starts with a single moment of asking for support and making the choice to do so. “

Shannon Wilson-Murray has been working in the field of addiction and mental health since 1993. She was the winner of the 1997 Moreno Award of Excellence at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. using a therapeutic group technique called Psychodrama utilized by many of the most renowned Addictions Treatment centers across the country. She has been a guest speaker for the Dick Prodey series- a well-known and long standing lecture series on Alcoholism and Addiction in the Baltimore area and worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings with individuals, groups and couples specializing in addiction and recovery throughout the east coast.  

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact 443.528.6604 or shannonwmurray@gmail.com.

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